Wood Tile Installation 101: What You Need to Know

If you want wood flooring that is not only beautiful but also offers an easy-to-maintain surface, wood tile may be the perfect solution for your home. Wood tile installation can help create a warm and inviting space in any room of your house. Whether the wood tile is going into a kitchen, bath, or another area where water or moisture can be an issue, these floors have been specifically designed to resist the elements and still offer a natural-looking woodgrain look with all the advantages of a resilient product. 

What Are Wood Tiles?

Wood-look tile, wood grain tile, wood plank tile, wood look porcelain tile, faux wood flooring, and faux hardwood floor tile are all examples of wood look tile. It comes in various colors and patterns and is usually in a plank shape and size. However, new wood-look tile options, such as wood-look mosaics, are becoming accessible.

Are Wood Tiles Durable?

Wood tile installation can last for a long time, especially if they’re made of porcelain, as this tile type has the most extended lifespan of any flooring material. Wood tile is far more durable than actual wood, especially in high-traffic areas or regions with a lot of moisture. Wood-look tile does not require resanding, restaining, or resealing regularly.

Porcelain tile is a great waterproof option for flooring. You can use it in the kitchen, mudrooms, bathrooms, and showers. Some outdoor wood tiles are specifically built to resist extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for patios, pool decks, and outdoor kitchens.

Wood tile installation is exceptionally long-lasting and resistant to fading and scratches. A wood tile floor can endure several decades if properly cared for.

What Are the Available Wood Tile Colors?

The color and grain pattern on your wood tile installation depends on you, your style, and your design idea! There are many different types to choose from that go with any setting or project.

Wood tiles come in various wood “species” and wood color options. For example, wood tiles in lighter wood species such as ash, alder, or maple can achieve a light wood appearance or even white appearance in the case of maple wood. At the same time, you can use wood tiles in darker wood species like walnut or mahogany to obtain dark wood finishes.

Warm tone colors are also available for people who prefer warmer hues on their wood tile flooring. Darker wood tones give off a natural feel, while lighter tones make your space appear larger and more open.

Are Wood Tiles Expensive?

The price of wood appearance tile is determined by the type and style of the tile. Ceramic is more porous than porcelain and costs slightly less. Woodgrain tiles with additional features, like textures or complex printing, might be more expensive.

Why Should I Get a Wood Tile Installation?

Wood tiles are a practical and economical alternative to wood flooring. With wood tiles, you’ll never have to worry about wood rot or wood warping. Unlike wood planks, wood tile installation is resistant to moisture and will not warp or fade over time.

With minimal maintenance required and a prolonged lifespan, wood tile installation is an excellent investment for your home. As most modern home and building designs forego outdated carpeting and impractical wood flooring now, wood tiles are versatile and are sure to stay in style throughout the years. 

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