Top 5 Wood Tiles for Your Home Remodel

Are you finally revamping that living room floor? Or perhaps you’ve decided that life is short and it’s time for a full-on flooring change throughout the entire house. Be it wood tile flooring to replace the carpet in your main suite, wood tiles laid over existing hardwood floors to add warmth and color, or a wood-look porcelain tile in the bathroom for a spa-like feel, wood tile installation is undoubtedly the way to go.

Wood tiles are an up-and-coming wood flooring material that is becoming increasingly popular. These tiles can mimic wood flooring, tile flooring, or a combination of both. They’re easy to install, durable, and environmentally friendly. Take a look at the top 5 of our favorites from our collection below!


Enchanted and blended with the signs and grain of natural wood, Artwood is perfect in its imperfection. The signs of aging make these wood-effect stoneware tiles unique for personalized environments, such as your home business or entertainment den.


This is wood effect at its finest, featuring the warm, authentic touch of steam-treated wood. With Steamwood, there is extreme versatility among its four different sizes, which you can also combine. The elegant, modern appeal makes it a solid commercial option every time. For every beautifully designed setting, there’s a Steamwood solution.


This wood tile model is crafted with an attractive well-worn, aged wood appearance, full of genuine character. It features four versions, specifically in white, aqua, gray, and honey hues. Tribeca was designed to bring warmth to the modern areas, including boutiques, art galleries, urban homes, and restaurants.


Wood tile installation for Atelier features a vibrant wood effect with a timeless, elegant feel. Atelier combines Italian and wild walnut wood in harmony, providing any room with warmth and depth. This wood tile model was designed to embody a natural, soft personality accented by a light texture and color details. Atelier is available in classic walnut shades and the more modern hues of chalk and graphite.


Oakwood is highly favored in furniture, flooring, and cabinetry because of its natural beauty and wood grain pattern. Inspired by the beauty of oakwood, the Articwood porcelain wood tile collection is highly ideal for contemporary and elegant design schemes.

Why Should I Get a Wood Tile Installation?

Wood tiles are a practical and economical alternative to wood flooring. With wood tiles, you’ll never have to worry about wood rot or wood warping. Unlike wood planks, wood tile installation is resistant to moisture and will not warp or fade over time.

With minimal maintenance required and a prolonged lifespan, wood tile installation is an excellent investment for your home. As most modern home and building designs forego outdated carpeting and impractical wood flooring now, wood tiles are versatile and are sure to stay in style throughout the years. 

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