Top 2022 Tile Trends

Anyone in the tile and design industry knows that there is one event you never miss, especially if you are an avid follower of global tile trends. Possibly the biggest home design show of this year, the Cersaie International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings took place in Bologna, Italy only a couple of months ago, showcasing upcoming tile trends and designs that are sure to make appearances in all the stylish homes and spaces in 2022. 

We at Island Tile are excited to ring in the new year with some new line releases inspired by the evolving trends of our time. Our vast collections are always expanding in our showroom, and we invite everyone with an eye for design or a hankering for a home upgrade to come see the latest trends in tile.

Tile flooring is and has always been a timeless feature in any space.  It can be dressed up or down, and depending on the pattern and material, can give a room a rustic or modern edge. In 2022, we predict that natural stone tile will continue to be popular for flooring projects. This classic material is perfect for spaces that need a touch of luxury and elegance. For art connoisseurs and eclectic spaces, printed and terrazzo tiles have been on the rise and will likely continue to pick up speed in the coming year.

Two of the other major tile events in the industry are U.S.-based expo Coverings (which will be in Las Vegas, NV in April 2022) and Cevisama, Spain’s version of Cersaie. These events usually share a majority of the same major exhibitors as Cersaie, so the trends tend to correlate across all these shows. 

Here’s what we’ve gathered from the designers and top tile pros at Cersaie about the upcoming tile trends for 2022.

Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo tile will be all the rage in home design in 2022. This is unsurprising given that, since its introduction in 1945, it has been a popular choice with homeowners and contractors alike. The beauty of this natural material is unequaled by any other flooring option on the market today, and it’s even more durable than before thanks to innovative manufacturing procedures. Terrazzo tiles are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, making them ideal for any type of home.

Antibacterial Tiles

Last year, when the pandemic hit our neighborhoods – and wipes became scarce – we remember wiping down every surface of our homes and work spaces, which included severely mopping our floors any chance we could get. Millions of individuals developed a zeal for cleansing their surroundings that rivaled that of medical professionals. The tile industry has followed suit, making its straightforward functional products even more enticing now with antibacterial qualities. Of course, this won’t completely eliminate the need for wiping or wipes, but it will make tiles easier to keep clean.

Neutral Tiles

Earth Tones & Neutrals

For a long time, earth tones have been the new neutral color. That’s because they’re adaptable enough to go from last year’s beige-colored rage to more warm and inviting peachy tones and cozy neutrals. Major design changes are still being driven by the 70s-inspired trend, with summery desert colors leading the charge.

Now that earth tones are becoming popular, designers are finding ways to make them more versatile. They’re simultaneously looking forward and backward by pairing earth tones with soft pastels for a fresh take on the retro ’70s color scheme. Additionally, these neutrals can be paired with dark wood and brass finishes to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Baroque Tiles

These tiles are inspired by the ornate and luxurious style of baroque architecture, and they add a touch of elegance to any space. Baroque Tiles can be used to create intricate designs or to add detail to a plain wall. While these used to be popular in older homes, they are making a comeback in both elegant and eclectic spaces such as bathrooms and living rooms.

Pastel Tile

With all the craziness in the world today, pastel tiles add a touch of softness to contemporary spaces and provide a sweet respite from cold design in modern times. These tiles can be used as an accent or all over the wall, and popular choices for colors include sky blue, rose, mint and sage. Pastel tiles work incredibly well with midcentury-modern décor, of which we’re also seeing a rise in the design world. 

Stone Tiles

Stone Slabs

Our winner and classic tile that will never go out of style is stone. Stone slabs are made from natural materials and can be found in many aesthetically pleasing homes and luxury spaces. Stone is natural and ageless, and it has been around for thousands of years and we predict that it will still be around for many more. With stone, there’s always something for everyone with all the variety of colors and textures of the material. If you’ve been debating whether or not to use this type of material in your home or business, now is the time to make that decision and treat your space to a fresh new look.

Printed Tiles

Printed & Textured Tiles

These tiles have wonderful wallpaper-like designs thanks to digitally printed ceramic tiles or glossy lacquer patterns on porcelain stoneware backgrounds. Printed tiles, unlike wallpaper, can be used in any room of the house and will not be damaged by water or heat if placed near a sink, shower, or fireplace. Designers are discovering new ways to use these huge size tiles, from covering entire walls and backsplashes to creating a floor design element for an entryway.

This isn’t a new trend, but with increasingly advanced printing technology, mass producing attractive surfaces with textured and three-dimensional finishes is becoming easier. This makes it easy to design creative, low-maintenance, and long-lasting places at home.

Botanicals and Murals

Floral and plant-inspired tiles were all the rage in tile, clothing, and home design this year. A botanical-themed tile would look ideal for a shower wall or perhaps an outdoor accent wall. With the pandemic and many people staying indoors, there has been a noticeable increased obsession with plants and wellness in the past year or two. This is not likely to change, as more people are embracing the design and health benefits of having more plants in their spaces.

Jungalow is a design movement that was named after combining the words “jungle” and “bungalow”, relating to the trending aesthetic of comfort and coziness combined with bold expressions of color. Jungalow focuses on botanical aspects, such as palm-inspired wall treatments and vivid floral patterns. Botanical tiles are an obvious choice for anyone going for this bold new trend. If you want to push your  design boundaries next year, Jungalow is definitely the 2022 trend for you. 

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