MEDITERRANEAN LIGHT… A blend of citrus, floral and saline perfumes floods the room; the placid rhythm of the waves can be heard in the distance. Light reflections reverberate on all surfaces, in a continuous play of allusions between the interior and the horizon. Colors of the sea alternate with those of vegetation and the earth, creating a landscape made of vibrant harmonies. 


Natural elements enter and design the scenography of interiors, but with a sensory approach that transforms light into material. The collection is characterized by “brush strokes" that reinterpret an ancient artisan decorative technique: the dimensions of sizes enhance the graphic effect and the glossy finish accentuates reflections. Two neutral nuances (White and Grey) are matched with three bright tonalities (Blue, Green, Orange): an unusual colour selection that exudes contemporary attitude, illuminating surfaces also thanks to their combination with decorations and mosaics.