Marble Look Tile Versus Marble Slab

Marble Look Tile vs. Marble Slab

If you’re a fan of interior design, you probably watch HGTV, read real estate magazines, and use Pinterest for home design inspiration. You’ve also probably noticed that marble is gaining popularity – it’s all the rage, and we don’t have to wonder why! Marble comes in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, and whether it’s used as a countertop surface, a floor surface or wall surface, marble can make a room feel elegant and expensive. If you’re considering marble for your own home, there are plenty of things to take into consideration. Arguably the biggest decision – should you go with real marble or opt for marble-look tile? Let’s explore the differences, the pros, and the cons, of marble vs. marble-look tile.


Natural marble and porcelain tile are very different animals, to borrow the figure of speech. Marble is a naturally forming material that has been regaled for its unique beauty for centuries. It was used in Greeks and Roman architecture because of the refined opulence it exudes, and no two marble slabs are exactly alike. It is porous, so this does mean it can stain and get scratched. Of course, there are products and sealants to help prevent this, but it is something to consider. There are many varieties of natural marble, and the “imperfections” are what makes natural marble so different from other materials.

Marble-look tile can be made from different substances, but for the sake of simplicity, we will refer to the popular porcelain tile. Porcelain tiles can be made to imitate many different naturally occurring materials including wood, stone, and, of course, marble! Ceramic, or porcelain, is very durable and hard so it doesn’t stain or chip easily. This can be looked at as an advantage or a disadvantage; tile is much easier to maintain than marble, but since it is so hard it doesn’t have the same “feel” as real marble does.


We know that every homeowner has a budget when it comes to renovation or construction. Cost is a major factor when deciding on just about everything! So, once you’ve decided you must have marble, is it more cost-effective to go with tiles that look like marble or get the real thing? Well, depending on the type of material, marble is generally more expensive. After all, marble is a naturally occurring material while porcelain tiles are manmade. So, when it comes to cost, the marble-look tile will almost always be cheaper.


Here is another area where marble-look tile has the advantage. As mentioned before, marble slabs are porous, so they require lots of care and upkeep. Of course, any material in your home will require cleaning and upkeep, but porcelain tile is a lot easier to maintain. It still requires regular sealant application if you want it to maintain a glossy finish, but tile is generally a fairly low-maintenance option.

Whether you decide on the real thing or imitation marble, Island Tile & Marble has you covered! We proudly serve all of Brevard, from Palm Bay and Melbourne to the Space Coast and beyond. Visit our award-winning showroom today to see the different options we have available, and our expert designers can help you decide what the best option is for your particular needs.