Making a Mosaic Tabletop with Tile: Part 2

In a previous blog, we covered the first steps of building a mosaic tabletop. Once you’ve chosen your color palate, selected the tiles you’d like to use, and broken the tiles into manageable pieces, you’re ready for the next steps. Continue reading to learn how to transform an old table into a masterpiece!

Sort the Tiles

Collect the broken pieces of tile, turn them right side up, and sort them according to color. Like we mentioned in our previous blog, we’d advise you to stay away from choosing too many colors and stick to a handful of hues so your finished project ends up looking cohesive. However, you’re the artist, so if your vision includes tons of bright colors, go for it!

Determine How to Arrange the Tiles

Planning out how you want your table to look is always a smart idea. Experiment arranging the tiles in different patterns until you find what you like. Snap a photo to refer to and return the tiles into their color-coordinated piles.

Prepare the Tabletop

Before you arrange your tiles on the tabletop, you need to prepare it. If it’s made of wood, sand the surface, dust it, and wipe it down with a wet cloth. If the surface is made of a material other than wood, skip the sanding and simply wipe down the table. Let it dry completely.

Apply Adhesive

Once you’ve gotten your tiles sorted by color, prepared your tabletop, and have an idea of how you’re going to arrange them, you can start on your mosaic. If you’d like to make the tile pieces fit better or change their shapes, you can use tile nippers to cut the tiles. These can be purchased from an art supply store.

Apply adhesive like mortar or tile glue on the bottoms of the tiles and press them firmly on the tabletop. Start from the outsides and work your way in, arranging the tiles in the pattern you like. Be sure to leave some space in between the tiles so you can apply grout later to make the surface even. Once you’ve finished gluing the tiles, let them dry overnight.

Grout the Table Top

Grout fills the spaces between the tiles so they won’t move and makes the surface smooth. Purchase grout powder from your local art supply or hardware store and mix it with water according to the directions. Ensure it’s mixed well. Next, use a trowel or a flat-surfaced tool to spread the grout over the tiles. Make sure to fill in the cracks and smooth the surface with your tool so it’s evenly applied. Then, use a plastic card to scrape excess grout off the surface of the tiles. Let the grout dry for 24 hours.

Final Steps

Once the grout has completely dried, use warm water and soap to wipe the surface. This will get rid of any grout that remains on the tiles. You may need to use a sponge if it doesn’t come off easily. When the tabletop looks nice and shiny, wipe it with a clean, dry rag. Then spray a sealant to coat the surface of the grout. Wipe the sealant off the tiles since it’s only the grout that needs to be sealed. Once the sealant has dried, voila! Your mosaic tile tabletop is complete.

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