How to Tell if it’s Time to Replace or Restore Your Tile

There is no set rule on how often to replace or restore the tile in your home, but there are certain signs to look for that indicate it’s time for new tile. Just like most things in your home, as tile ages, it will eventually show signs of wear and tear. Even though ceramic tile is a hardy, durable surface, it’s not immune to developing chips, cracks or stains. Tiles can also come loose, and grout might start to crumble. When you notice these signs, it may be time to either replace or restore your floor tile.

Generally speaking, restoring your tiles through a professional deep cleaning, re-grouting, or sealing will be less expensive than replacing all the tile. So, how do you know whether you simply need to restore your floor or wall surfaces versus replacing them with new materials? Here are some guidelines.

When to Restore Tile

  • Shine is Gone – Is your once-shiny bathroom floor reduced to a dingy, dull version of itself? If so, the shine can be restored with products or by calling a professional cleaner. They can buff up your floor to get it looking sparkly and new!
  • Damaged Grout – If you notice the grout between your tiles is crumbling, is stained or seems to be collecting water, it’s time to restore it. For grout that’s crumbling, new grout can be applied without even removing the tiles. Not only will it look better, but it will do its job better by keeping the tiles in place. For stained grout, there are products you can use to remove the stains, or you can call in a cleaning professional.
  • Chipped Tiles – If your tile has small chips or holes, you can repair them pretty easily as long as they are small. Don’t wait until the chip has turned into a full-blown crack, though! These are harder to repair and you may end up needing to replace tiles that develop larger cracks.

When to Replace Tile

  • Improper Installation – Did you install the tile yourself to save a few bucks, or was the person who installed your floor inexperienced? If so, you may end up with misaligned tiles, an uneven surface, or poorly applied grout. This is not only unsightly, but it could also develop into a worse problem over time. If your flooring looks like an amateur made a weak attempt at installing the tile, you should consider calling a professional to fix the problem.
  • Cracks or Missing Tiles – If your porcelain tile is cracked or has tons of chips, you’ll need to replace the flooring. If you’re missing a tile, you can attempt to find one in the correct size and style to replace it. If this isn’t possible, you’ll be left with an ugly gap. This is a good opportunity to upgrade to a new style of floor tile like wood-look or stone-look

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