How to Keep Carpet Looking and Smelling Great

How to Keep Carpet Looking and Smelling Great

People who have carpet or rugs in their home can attest that, while they are pleasantly soft, it’s very hard to keep them clean (especially if they’re a light color). Since carpet is so absorbent, it’s not easy to keep dirt, stains, and smells out of it. Harder surfaces like porcelain tile require less maintenance and are easier to clean, but a pretty rug is always nice since it adds a decorative touch to a room! At Island Tile, we specialize in – you guessed it – tile! But, since many people in Brevard County do have carpeted rooms and rugs, we want to take some time to talk about keeping your carpet or rug clean and smelling fresh! Read on for some DIY natural ways to achieve this.


Uh oh, you spilled your glass of red wine on your pristine white rug! What do you do? Well, there are lots of ways to get rid of stains, and the methods range depending on how old the stain is, what caused the stain, and what material your carpet or rug is made of. One all-natural favorite that works on many stains is white vinegar. Try mixing a few tablespoons of white vinegar with dish soap and dilute the solution with warm water. Dab the mixture onto the stained or discolored portions of your carpet, making sure not to scrub too hard since this could damage the fibers. For particularly stubborn stains, try sprinkling baking soda on the area before applying the liquid and then vacuum the area once it’s dry.


Carpet absorbs smells from pets, smoke, feet, etc. and will inevitably start to stink after a while. The good news is, it’s pretty easy to get smells out of rugs naturally. One of our favorite ways to deodorize carpet is by combining one part baking soda with one part Borax and adding 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix this together and sprinkle a thin layer of the solution over the carpet or rug, making sure to cover the entire area. Let it sit for at least an hour – for stronger smells you can leave it on overnight. Make sure to keep kids and pets away from the carpet while it sits since baking soda and Borax shouldn’t be eaten! Then vacuum the rug and voila! It will smell fresh again.


It’s true that carpet requires a lot more maintenance than other floor materials, and if you’re tired of keeping up with the maintenance or are simply ready to renovate, consider replacing the carpet with tile! There are tons of different styles of tile, from wood-look to marble-look and everything in between. Tile is much easier to take care of and offers a more modern look than carpet does. Thinking of making the switch? Call Island Tile today! Our showroom in Melbourne, FL displays the many discount tiles we offer and our knowledgeable team will be happy to help you with any of your flooring needs.