Four Types of Bathroom Tiles

Whether you’re constructing a new house or are renovating your existing bathroom, the type of flooring you choose is an important decision. Want a thick shag carpet covering the floor of your restroom? No? We didn’t think so! Tile is the obvious option for restrooms, but there are tons types you have to decide between. From ceramic to porcelain, glass, and wood-look tiles, there is no shortage of options. Island Tile has been assisting the people of Brevard County with all their flooring needs for over 30 years, and we’ve picked up quite a bit of knowledge along the way. So, we’d like to share some of this knowledge with you! Read on for the pros and cons of different types of bathroom tiles.


A popular choice because of its versatility and low price point, ceramic is a go-to when it comes to bathroom tiles. Ceramic tile comes in all sorts of different shapes, colors, and patterns, so it’s easy to achieve the look you like with this material. Another nice thing about ceramic tile? It’s durable and water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about water from the shower damaging it. There are a few materials that are stronger than ceramic, but overall ceramic tile is a good choice for your new restroom.


This natural stone is known for its luxurious look, and the beautiful, organic feel that marble has really can make a restroom seem opulent. It is available in different styles, from glazed to veined or both, and its one-of-a-kind appearance makes it highly sought after. But, marble does have a downside. It can get quite expensive, especially if you’re covering a large area with it. In addition, marble isn’t as hard as tile, so it can get scratched or stained if it’s not taken care of well. Sealants do help with this, though.


This classic tile has been around for quite some time, and many older homes feature linoleum flooring. This versatile surface is known for its durability, and if you’re looking for a spunky statement bathroom, there are lots of interesting patterns linoleum comes in. However, it does age over time, so it needs to be maintained to preserve its appearance.


Mosaic tiles can be very beautiful in a bathroom, and they’re a popular choice for the backsplash of a counter or shower. With plenty of colors and patterns to choose from, glass mosaic tile can really transform a room. While these types of tiles can technically be used as flooring, most people steer away from this because these types of tiles can get slippery. So, the floor of a bathroom might not be the best place to install mosaic tile. However, the sides of your shower or a backsplash would be a great alternative!

If you need any assistance deciding what type of tile to choose for your new bathroom, come to see our design experts at Island Tile. Our showroom in Melbourne, FL displays beautifully staged rooms, including bathrooms, and our knowledgeable staff can give you all the information you need to make a decision. Come by today!