Creative Summertime Crafts Using Tile: Part 1

Creative Summertime Crafts Using Tile: Part 1

Summer break is upon us in Brevard County, and students are ready for it! Kids of all ages from Palm Bay to Melbourne, FL and beyond have been dreaming of what they’ll do over break. Perhaps they’re imagining lazy days spent at the beach, or maybe they can’t wait for a trip to Disney World. While summer break is a wonderful time of year for children and teens, for adults (especially ones with full-time jobs) summer break is no break at all! It means entertaining the kids and making sure they’re looked after if they’re too young to be trusted on their own.

With this in mind, we at Island Tile would like to take a little stress off your plate by providing you with some easy, fun crafts kids of all ages will love! Entertained kiddos mean a little peace and quiet for you, after all. And, since tile is our business, these crafts all involve tile! Who knows, you might get some cool and useful household items out of these crafts. It’s a win-win!

Homemade Coasters

You can never have enough colorful cup coasters, especially if you have wooden tables or furniture. For this fun and easy craft, you’ll need square ceramic tiles about 4 inches long and wide, which you can get from a home improvement store or here at Island Tile! We have tons of discount tile in Palm Bay, so this craft won’t break the bank. Once you have your tiles, head to a craft store or look in your supply closet and let your kids pick out patterned scrapbook paper they like. You’ll also need some Mod Podge, a foam sponge brush, felt, and acrylic sealer.

Have your kids cut the colorful paper into squares the size of the tiles, brush some Mod Podge on the surface of the tiles, and smoothly stick the paper onto the surface of the tiles. Brush more Mod Podge over the paper making sure to get the edges, and let the tiles dry for a few hours. When they’re dry, have your kids glue some felt on the bottom of the tiles so they don’t slip and spray the top of the tiles with a sealer to make the coasters water resistant. When they dry, voila! Cute DIY coasters.

Tile Chalkboards

Another great craft to keep the kids busy is making chalkboards from unused tiles. This is a really easy craft, and since chalkboards are reusable they can be used for years to come. All you’ll need is chalkboard spray like Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray and some decent-sized discount tile in Melbourne, FL. Lay down some newspaper, place the tiles face side up, and let your kids spray the tiles thoroughly. Then, simply let the tiles dry and you’ll have chalkboards for the kids to doodle on or for you to jot down notes on!

At Island Tile we have all sorts of flooring and wall surfaces ranging from discount tiles (perfect for these crafts) to marble-look tile, backsplash tile, and more. Keep an eye out for our next blog where we’ll keep the summer fun going with more creative craft ideas!