Consider Color When Renovating Your Home

Consider Color When Renovating Your Home

Remember being asked “what’s your favorite color?” back when you were a child? Maybe it was blue, maybe yellow, or perhaps you just liked them all! Even as adults many of us prefer certain colors over others. Have you ever wondered why this is? Well, the answer will vary from person to person, but oftentimes it’s because of the emotion that color evokes. It’s a generally accepted concept that different colors can affect our moods. In fact, there are even studies that suggest colored light can treat physical ailments! Color indeed plays a significant role in many aspects of life, including the colors you choose to paint the walls of your homes. At Island Tile, we’re no strangers to home renovations. We love helping the people of Brevard County beautify their homes, from Palm Bay to Viera and beyond. That’s why we thought we’d give you some pointers on picking the perfect colors to fit the mood you’re going for. Read on to find out what hues are associated with what emotions.


The color blue is often linked with calmness and tranquility. This could be a good choice when decorating or painting a bedroom. A soft, light blue will help you wind down after a long day at work and might even help you sleep! Of course, this will depend on the shade you choose. Steer away from dark blues (or any dark colors) when painting your walls since they tend to make a room feel smaller.


The color that’s seen so often in nature, green, brings feelings of balance and harmony. If you have a room where you do yoga, paint, write or do anything creative, green might be a good color to incorporate in that room. It can help center you and clear your mind.


This cheerful color can elicit feelings of happiness, optimism, and is said to also promote your appetite! Yellow is great for a living room or space where you and your family spend a lot of time. Brighten up the room with yellow accents like throw pillows, paintings or decorations and see if it doesn’t lift your spirits.


Red is associated with romance, energy, and warmth. It can be quite an intense color (especially bright red)! It’s certainly an eye catcher, so if you want a really bold look for a room red could be a good choice. Consider just painting one wall red and the others a more neutral color to balance out the intensity. Another option if you want that “WOW factor” without going overboard is a red backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom. Shiny red tiles will liven up any room!

We hope this helps you choose what colors to use when renovating or redecorating your home. There are plenty of ways to use color, from décor to paint to flooring. At Island Tile we have a huge selection of colored tiles to choose from, whether you’d like a bright red backsplash or a light blue tile marble-look floor. Come into our Melbourne, Florida showroom today and we’ll help you choose the perfect tile to achieve the look and feel you’re going for.