Description of the Rodano series:

The Rodano series is a classic stone-look series available in four very handsome colors.

This High Definition Ceramic series is made to mimic a natural flagstone; with an interlocking design, once grouted, the effect of individual stones is incredible. With its’ classic style, and universal colors, this tile is suited for a wide array of areas, anywhere from kitchens to patios, floors or walls, the Rodano series is very universal.

With a very natural-feeling texture, you would never know this tile is not real stone!


By Looks Category description:

Stone Look.

Colors Available:

Rodeno, Mix, Arena and Tigris.

Sizes Available:

13×20 interlocking tile



Pricing Legend:

$ 2-3 sq ft, $$ 3-4 sq ft, $$$ 4-5 sq ft, $$$$ over $5.00 sq ft

Rodano Color-Styles Slideshow:

Download the Rodano PDF factory catalog:

Rodano Series Factory Catalog - Cristacer is the Manufacturer




NOTE: TO FIND RODANO SERIES IN CATALOG: Turn to PDF page 256-259 (IMPORTANT: Look at the very small numbers on the bottom of the pages of the catalog, as opposed to the PDF page numbers that show up at the top of your screen with the PDF open on your computer or mobile device)

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