Description of the Marks series:

The Marks series is true Italian innovation at its’ finest. With a high definition weathered wood image and an intricate paisley pattern imprinted into the glaze, this tile has more detail per inch than any other on the market.

Offered with the Marks series is a line of full size décor pieces with a large variation from piece to piece made to be intermixed to add character, frame out an area, or add a linear border. This high quality porcelain tile puts a contemporary spin on a weathered wood look, therefore making it quite universal when it comes to your style preferences.

Perfect for floors big and small, the Marks series can be used just about anywhere indoors or out.

By Looks Category description:

Wood look, modern and rustic.

Colors Available:

Marks colors offered are Plaster and Gunmetal

Sizes Available:




Pricing Legend:

$ 2-3 sq ft, $$ 3-4 sq ft, $$$ 4-5 sq ft, $$$$ over $5.00 sq ft

Marks Color-Styles Slideshow:

Download the Marks PDF factory catalog:

Marks Series Factory Catalog

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