Description of the Eclipse series:

Eclipse provides a worn clay look of fine porcelain stoneware. Dream the impossible and discover that there’s a way to achieve it.

Eclipse: a living material that transforms a dream into a decorative reality. Its natural colors, evident but elegant materiality and finely balanced chromatic variance make it an extremely singular collection of great stylistic personality. It speaks to the present with a language reminiscent of a great past. A play of light and shadow that elicits the moon, at times incomparably brilliant among the celestial bodies and at others barely visible. The shading of the regular edges hint at traditional materials that reclaim the multiple textures of terracotta. Yet reinterpretation with contemporary elements evoking concrete surfaces make the result undeniably contemporary.

By Looks Category description:


Colors Available:

Pearl in stock, all 3 other colors Sand, Bronze and Smoke are special order.

Sizes Available:

18×18, 12×24, 3×12



Pricing Legend:

$ 2-3 sq ft, $$ 3-4 sq ft, $$$ 4-5 sq ft, $$$$ over $5.00 sq ft

Eclipse Color-Styles Slideshow:

Download the Eclipse PDF factory catalog:

Eclipse Series Factory Catalog

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