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Hi, I am Cliff Hirsch owner and original founder of Island Tile and Marble, LLC. My love of the ocean brought me on the journey to Melbourne, Brevard County, and the beaches over 40 years ago. Shortly thereafter in 1984, I started Island Tile and Marble in the garage under my one-bedroom studio.

Many years of hard work, peanut butter sandwiches, and reinvesting into the company saw us grow from the garage studio to our first stand-alone tile showroom display & warehouse in Palm Bay.

It was a whopping 850 SF with four of us working there, wow I was making a living for many other people doing this, and our great reputation was growing.

Our motto back then was “Where Tile Becomes Art” with a huge emphasis on the finest quality craftsmanship available, which has earned us where we are today. Even back in the late 80s, we were using decorative mosaic tiles, installing waterfall feature accents, and decorative inlays with glass, metal, and handmade tiles in bathrooms and kitchen backsplash for one-of-a-kind works of art. You could always tell an Island Tile and Marble job when you walked in the house.

What seemed like a lifetime of hard work at the time, but it was only four years later, in June 1988 that I purchased our current building that we are in today. Those were the days of ceramic tiles 8”x8” for floors and 4”x4” for walls, and we started ushering in the new and improved Porcelain tiles 12”x12” floors, 6”x8” walls and tiles started getting bigger.

Had the world gone mad, or just me this is when I started direct importing tile also. Now the hard work really started but I owned my own building (with the responsibility of a mortgage too).

We just kept working hard doing lots of installations and slowly fixing up and remodeling our building designing a beautiful showroom with separate sections for kitchen backsplash tiles, decorative mosaic tiles, kitchen tiles, floor tiles, wood flooring, ocean and beach look tiles. At the same time forging relationships with factories in Italy & Spain and reinvesting our money into inventory.

The Island Tile Team

What started out in a small efficiency in 1984 was now one 2500 SF building in 1988, which grew to five buildings and over 22,000 SF of showroom offices, and warehouses by 2005. Today we showcase the finest selection of porcelain wood look tiles, ocean and beach look tiles, glass mosaic tiles, decorative marble water jet tiles and mosaics, Kitchen floor tiles, bathroom tiles including grouts mortars and installation tools, along with professional advice for the do it yourself  customers.

Today we are proud to have three separate tile and flooring showrooms and our high-quality installation team all located at our one location 2414-2420 S. US 1 in Melbourne. You can contact us on Facebook

Island Tile: Our flagship showroom featuring the most current designer tiles from around the world, specializing in large size tiles 30”x30”, 36”x36”, 24”x48”, 48”x48”, 30”x60” and wood look tiles 8”x48” to 78”,  also the new 2cm porcelain stone pavers. This is where you will find our separate real hardwood showroom. We stock elegant, polished marble look tiles, ocean and coastal look tiles, industrial cement resin and concreate look tiles, metal look tiles, linen and textile look tiles, boutique decorative tiles, subway tiles and hundreds of glass and decorative mosaic tiles to choose from.

Builders Outlet Showroom: Just a few steps north of our flagship Tile Showroom Display where you will find “ Classic Looks and Sizes at Affordable Prices”, This is where lots of builders, developers, and homeowners alike shop for the entire new home, 12”x24” marble and stone look tiles, 18”x18” & 24”x24” floor tiles, plus 6”x24”, 6”x 36”, 8”& 48” wood look tiles. Almost everything in this store is available for ongoing purchase priced below $1.99 SF – $2.99 SF. You will also find our Luxury stone core vinyl tile, and carpet in this showroom, along with high end close out tiles drastically marked down.

Buy It All Showroom: We cannot keep it forever and it must go somewhere, so this is where you find below cost bargains. Just a few steps south of our Main showroom is our Buy it all showroom. To keep our Builders Outlet showroom fresh and well stocked with product enough to fill most size jobs, we move all of the limited quantity close out tiles to BIA showroom, usually less than 500 SF per lot, and sell them for a flat cost for the entire batch just to move it out. Supply changes every week, but it is all bargain basement pricing where you buy it all, no samples, no returns refunds, or exchanges.

Today we have forged relationships from around the world traveling to Italy, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, and Mexico to source and import the finest quality and unique tiles in the world. Our new motto is “Island Tile There is a Difference”. So please check out our new website and visit our Tile Showroom Display to find out for yourself. 

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