9 Gorgeous Ways to Use Marble in Your Home

Whether you want marble for its timeless beauty or its enduring quality, marble is the go-to finish when it comes to adding luxury and sophistication to your home. You can find marble in flooring options, kitchen backsplashes, shower walls (and floors), tub surrounds—even bathroom vanities.

Because of marble’s notoriously high price tag, designers have come up with other ways to achieve the same effect that won’t break the bank, such as using marble-look porcelain tiles. One unique way you can also save on a marble project is, for example, using it only for one wall of a room to create an accent wall instead of covering all four walls with marble. Whatever your style and needs are, there are endless ways to incorporate a little luxury into your home when you use marble!


The marble tile shower is always a classic. If you want to modernize your shower, consider using marble-look porcelain tiles. You won’t have to apply too many other design elements when you have marble in your bathroom. Simply add some fresh towels, a plant or two, and you’re all set.

Kitchen Backsplash

A marble backsplash is an easy way to upgrade any kitchen without breaking the bank. Marble is also notably one of the most forgiving materials to maintain; it’s easy and practical – just wipe down and go! Marble can be paired with virtually any color or design scheme and works in traditional and modern kitchens alike.

When marble tiles are installed as a backsplash in your kitchen, the contrast between marble and other materials such as steel or concrete gives marble tiles an elegant upscale appearance that never goes out of style.


A marble bathtub surround gives an inviting spa feel to any bathroom. If you want an art deco-inspired marble bathroom, look for marble tiles with gold veins running through them. These marble tiles will be a conversation starter and add glamor and luxury to your bathroom.

Accent Wall

Decorative marble tiles make a significant impact when used as an accent wall. When considering marble for your wall, pay attention to the veins in the marble because they should add visual interest and uniqueness to your accent wall design. Look for marble that has been distressed or finished with a low-sheen sealant, giving marble walls more of an antiqued feel.

Exterior Design

Marble shouldn’t exclusively be for indoor use only. Marble is also an excellent material for exterior walls and walkways.

Kitchen Countertops

Marble kitchen countertops and islands are becoming increasingly popular among luxury homes because they’re incredibly beautiful and can instantly elevate any space. Marble countertops are very versatile because marble can be used in both modern and traditional kitchens.

Fireplace Surrounds

A full marble mantle and fireplace surround will make a classic statement. Marble mantles are dressed to impress and make a perfect focal point for your living room or family room.

Foyer Entryway

A grand foyer entryway with marble tile will bump up the value of your home. A marble tile foyer will make an instant impression on anyone who walks into your home.


A marble vanity top is always a stunning surprise that can add a touch of confidence to anyone’s grooming routine. Marble vanities tie together the glamor and luxury of marble with the function and durability of marble.

No matter how marble is used in your home, marble beautifies and enriches any room. Marble’s timeless appeal never fades, and it is an integral part of luxury design that will survive to impress today’s homeowners and future generations alike.

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