Description of the Savanna series:

Honey, Cinnamon, Dust, and Brandy: are colours of Savanna that merge one sense into another. Stirring the senses, expanding the emotions, opening up intimacies.

Visual perfection and the elegance of clean, welcoming ambiences. The tactile sensation of natural surfaces. The feelings evoked by the combination of exquisite sensorial stimuli. The soul of wood with its timeless beauty and its silent, perfect lines:

Savanna is the essence of soul. Moods that recall the past: contemporary beauty with quirky intarsio stylings awaken the emotions and bring the past tantalizingly alive. That’s the secret of places that are dear to the soul: places where life pulsates, where the pieces of our life come together.
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By Looks Category description:

Wood Look Tiles

Colors Available:

Honey, Cinnamon, Dust, and Brandy

Sizes Available:

We stock the above colors in 8”x40” & 4”x40” planks



Pricing Legend:

$ 2-3 sq ft, $$ 3-4 sq ft, $$$ 4-5 sq ft, $$$$ over $5.00 sq ft

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Download the Savanna PDF factory catalog:

Savanna Series Factory Catalog