Description of the Aria series:

Aria is a contemporary line from the Italian factory, Verde1999

Porcelain body rectified tile in 3 sizes, 3 colors, 2 finishes and decorations for floor and wall.

Aria is a series that combines strength, resistance, elegance and sophistication in a contemporary, textile look. With a sleek matte finish that includes hints of woven streaks and slight furrows in the surface, this line exalts the pure textural beauty of modern porcelain tiles.

With subtle texture and a textile background, this line can add intricacy to those who want a modern and clean look, but not cold or plain.

By Looks Category description:

Contemporary look tile.

Colors Available:

We stock the Bianco, Corda, and Silver colors.

Others are Special order.

Sizes Available:

Weave Mosaic, 2×2 Mosaic, 3×12, 12×24, 24×24



Pricing Legend:

$ 2-3 sq ft, $$ 3-4 sq ft, $$$ 4-5 sq ft, $$$$ over $5.00 sq ft

Aria Color-Styles Slideshow:

Download the Aria PDF factory catalog:

Aria Series Factory Catalog

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